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  Dongguan Jingcheng Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It is engaged in the manufacture of high-precision connector hardware. After years of accumulated processing strength, it has gradually developed into a company specializing in R&D and manufacturing of high-end connector connectors. The company invests in multiple automatic lathes, CNC lathes, wire cutting, grinding machines, milling machines, automatic processing equipment, strong processing strength, special samples, the same day sample, fast delivery, complete product range, no matter how difficult, single size Azimuth to meet customer needs. At the same time, our company invested three yuan, plug force tester, elastic tester, film thickness tester, CCD automatic optical inspection equipment, etc. to ensure the quality of the product.

  The company's core products are: pins, jacks, new energy pin jacks, pogo pin thimbles, pogo pin connectors . Products are widely used in: medical, aviation, automotive, military, heavy-duty, intelligent electronics, consumer electronics and other fields!

  The company has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, perfect quality system, and strictly in accordance with 6S management standards, to cultivate quality awareness of all employees. In recent years, the company has started to invest in large-scale automated processing equipment, and took the lead in investing in advanced CCD automatic testing equipment. , so that all orders are guaranteed in quality and quantity!

  The company team has R&D and design capabilities, and continues to learn and explore and seek innovative reforms. The core members of the team have been in the connector industry for many years, with rich experience and deep knowledge.

  The company has established a complete training mechanism: skills training and mentality training. Let employees use their talents, show their value, grow with the company, and enhance the technical strength and quality concept of the guarantee team. The staff welfare is good, the corporate culture is strong, and our mission is to enable every Jingcheng person to realize their own value on Jingcheng platform!

  The company adheres to the values ​​of “taking customers as the best friends and taking friends' things as their own things”. Since its development, it has established cooperation with many well-known domestic and foreign companies, and has been deeply favored and praised by all customers!

  Looking forward to the future, the company will, as always, demand itself with the behavior concept of “Humble and pragmatic, dare to innovate, teamwork”, provide customers with better service with more professional level, and strive to be the industry benchmark for high-end connector connectors. Sincerely, I have been making progress on the road at this time. Jingcheng’s tomorrow will witness us together...

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