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CTL1010 plug-in spring thimble connector
Structure Category : Plug-in spring thimble connector Material: PA46
Brand: Jingcheng Current: 2A
Size: 12mm*2.5mm*7.88mm Stretch: 35kg
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product description  
  The spring thimble connector is composed of six parts: needle shaft, spring, needle tube, ceramic beads, needle tube, plastic and cap. The surface coating is generally gold-plated, which can better improve its anti-corrosion function, mechanical properties, electrical performance, etc. The needle tip has a sharp needle, a needle, a round needle, a knife needle and the like.
  It is generally used in precision connections in electronic products such as mobile phones, communications, automobiles, medical, aerospace, etc., to improve the corrosion resistance, stability and durability of these connectors.
Product parameters  
Needle material: Brass (C3604) Spring material: Stainless steel SUS304
Needle tube material: Brass (C3604) elastic force: 80+20gf (can be customized)
Service life: More than 50,000 cycles Gold plating thickness: Lu "-3u" (can be customized)
PIN number: 2-46PIN Plastic material: PA46
Contact impedance: <30MΩ, dynamic measurement of working stroke Retentivity: 0.5kgf/pin
Working current: Continuous current 1A, instantaneous current 3A (can be customized according to demand)
Product display  

product structure  
The structure of the
  spring thimble connector : the spring thimble connector is composed of six parts, namely: needle shaft, spring, ceramic beads, needle tube, plastic, cap, and can be equipped with plastic CAP protection needle shaft based on customer installation requirements.

Spring thimble connector structure

Six styles and features common to spring thimble connectors  
Flat bottom type: good stability, the bottom of the needle tube is flat bottom design, easy to solder with PCB board;
plug-in type: the needle end has a positioning pin, when welding with PCB board, there will be no offset phenomenon, good positioning effect;
bending type: The tail bends to provide designers with more choices in space utilization; the
double-headed: double-headed double-acting design allows engineers to have more space flexibility in the board-to-board bidirectional connection;
wire type: for cable End, easy to wire welding;
threaded: special specifications to meet the different needs of customers.
At the same time, according to the needs of customers
Application field  
  • medical instruments

  • Aerospace

  • Automation equipment

  • new energy vehicles

  • Smart home

  • Military equipment

  • e-cigarette

  • Smart wear

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